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Boards and Kits

CME development kits provide out-of-the box design solutions that significantly cut development time and enhance productivity.The kits come complete with evaluation boards, Primace® Design Suite: Design Edition tools, IP cores, reference designs support – so you can begin applications development immediately.

Start your design quickly with CME Development kits.

CME-M7 Series Development Kit

Kickstart your system design with the CME-M7 Development Kit. Software engineers can get started with Keil to develop and test directly on the ARM Cortex micro controller and hardware engineers can design and verify different features in the FPGA. This is indeed the fastest way to do the system design concurrently and in the same platform. Click here to see more CME-M7 information

CME-M7 Development board

CME-HR Development Kit

Easy to use with Primace to load your design or one of the several demo examples.The development board supports many interfaces including USB, SPI, RS-232, CAN bus, LCD display, LVDS, etc.Click here to see more CME-HR information.

CME-HR3 developing board

For the specific applications, please consult with your local distributors or send e-mail to