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CME-R (RIVER) Family

The Capital Microelectronics River series of ultra low power and small footprint FPGAs are ideal for OEMs looking to add those extra features to differentiate their consumer products while being power, cost and size efficient.

Today’s devices like smartphones, tablets, car infotainment, wearable devices and high end toys are typically developed using a standard development platform usually provided by the application processor supplier, this platform is usually provided to all competing OEMs as well, making feature differentiation possible only by limited software changes and industrial design.

In order to add new performance oriented features or the ability to manage simultaneous processes such as multiple sensor data, usually a new hardware device is required to be designed in the form of an ASIC (application specific integrated circuit), with initial NRE costs and more importantly it usually takes a long time from concept to production.

More functions and features also present challenges to the overall battery life. The first chip  HR(HUANG RIVER) uses a fully custom circuit design focused on low power, and coupled with 40nm Low Power process, provides the lowest active and standby power consumption device in the market.

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